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About Us
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InnoGreen Environmental Limited is an industry leader in environmental protection which is accredited by Self Photos / Files - ____ISO 9001 (Cert Logo Format)_CO-With HKAS Logo(Q1329), specializing in the design and contract based building of Vertical Green, Green Roof, Climber Green, Artificial Green and Moss Green. Our mission is to promote greening in different architectural structures to increase their existing green coverage ratio. An increase in green coverage ratio can effectively reduce CO2, air pollution and the Urban Heat Island Effect to increase energy efficiency.


InnoGreen puts itself at the forefront of the greening industry by its continuous R&D efforts. We invest a lot of resources in R&D to improve our system according to our clients’ needs. We also collaborate with local universities and technical institutions to research new products which are beneficial to the environment.


Our goal is to provide high quality, easy-to-install and low maintenance systems to both accomodate all situations as well as satisfy our clients' expectations. We collaborate closely with our clients to reduce carbon footprint, to stop global warming and to create a much cleaner and more sustainable environment for our future generations.