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About Us






Founded in 2011, InnoGreen Environmental Limited is a pioneering innovator in the environmental protection industry of Hong Kong, specializing in the design and construction of green roofs, living walls and green facades. With the vision of building a cleaner, more sustainable future, it is our mission to develop and promote the uptake of urban greening infrastructures across cities, starting from our homebase – Hong Kong.

Effective application of urban greening infrastructures is able to increase the green coverage ratio (GCR) of the city – an integral aspect of modern area planning that  reduces CO2 concentration from the atmosphere, air pollution level and the urban heat island effect. InnoGreen's goal is to provide high quality, easy-to-install, low maintenance greening systems that can accommodate to a full array of architectural structures and satisfy client customizations. 



Our Philosophy

At InnoGreen, we cherish our clients – to continuously refine our services and products, we actively seek and act on our clients' feedback because your opinions and satisfaction are of utmost importance to our success;

we believe in collaborative synergy - working closely with high-tech startups, local universities and technical institutions on the R&D of new greening strategies, their great, unsung efforts contribute substantially to the design of products we take immense pride in. InnoGreen will continue to support interdisciplinary research in the field of urban greening, to encourage the practice of responsible product development within our industry, and to thrive collectively in driving forward sustainable lifestyles;

we act as custodians of our planetas a green business, we take seriously our social responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and educate the public about sustainable living. For our motherland and for the well-being of generations to come, we aspire to normalize green behaviours by gardening the concrete jungle of Hong Kong into a living work of art.





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InnoGreen Environmental Limited